2 mU/L (35.3% vs 21.3%, p = 0.045). Conclusion In euthyroid individuals the association of thyroid function with diastolic arterial pressure remains significant even when a stricter "normal range" for TSH levels is considered. The "freeT4.TSH" product appears to be an even stronger predictor of DAP, independently of HOMA insulin resistance index and obesity."/>
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Table 2 Stepwise multiple regression model for predicting diastolic arterial pressure in apparently healthy individuals with TSH 0.36–2.5 mU/L

From: Association of thyroid function with arterial pressure in normotensive and hypertensive euthyroid individuals: A cross-sectional study

Variable Predictor Beta T Significance P Overall R2 (%)
Diastolic arterial pressure Age 0.193 3.103 0.002 0.295
P < 0.001
  Sex -0.222 -3.625 <0.001  
  HOMA-IR 0.203 2.705 0.007  
  BMI 0.167 2.154 0.032  
  "fT4.TSH product" 0.210 3.515 0.001