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Table 4 Hormone and autoantibody concentrations as breast cancer or benign breast tumors determinants, in age-matched groups

From: TSH receptor antibodies have predictive value for breast cancer – retrospective analysis

Parameter Association with BC (n = 9)
OR 95% CI p
TSH (mIU/L) 0.96 0.77-1.21 ns
FT 4 (ng/dL) 0.92 0.32-2.67 ns
FT 3 (pg/mL) 0.69 0.29-1.62 ns
TSHRAb (IU/mL) 1.09 1.00-1.20 0.0368
TgAb (IU/mL) 1.00 0.99-1.00 ns
TPOAb (IU/mL) 0.99 0.99-1.00 ns
  1. Univariate logistic regression analysis of the univariate determinants (such as hormone and autoantibody concentrations) of breast cancer (BC) or breast benign tumor (BBT), performed in the age-matched groups of patients (n = 499); OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; ns, non-significant.