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Table 3 Comparison of clinical features of Group A and B

From: Characteristics and natural course of hypoechoic thyroid lesions diagnosed as possible thyroid lymphomas by fine needle aspiration cytology

  Group A (n = 41) Group B (n = 12) p-value
Age (year) 67 (48–91) 72 (53–83) 0.35
Sex (Male, number) 11 2 0.48
Diameter of hypoechoic lesions (mm) 35 (16–75) 38 (12–120) 0.51
  1. Group A is the patients with thyroid lymphoma diagnosed histopathologically following thyroid surgery. Group B is the patients whose hypoechoic lesions decreased or disappeared. Data are median and (ranges). The p-values were calculated by Mann-Whitney U-test