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Table 1 Details of pre-sternal thyroid swellings reported till date

From: Pre-sternal thyroid swellings: a case of rare aberrant site recurrence and review of literature

S noAuthorYearAgeSexFindingsNature of mass
1Belger S [23].1952  Details not available 
2Raman A et al. [21]199939F15 × 30 cm
Lobular cystic swelling on the anterior aspect of the neck from submental region to the xiphisternum in the pre-sternal plane
Papillary carcinoma thyroid with metastasis in regional lymph nodes
3Brilli L et al. [24]200750M10 cm in length
Elongated neck mass, descending subcutaneously up to the mid region of the sternum.
Multinodular goiter
4Chow TL et al. [19]201450M3.5 × 3 cm
dumb-bell–shaped mass, lower part in pre-sternal plane
Papillary carcinoma thyroid
5Fanantenana HN et al. [20]201560M18 × 14 cm
Firm, smooth surface mass
* H/o excision 7 years ago.
Heterotopic thyroid goitre with no evidence of malignancy.
6Patil et al. [25]201260F25 × 15 cm
Mass arising from neck with multiple cysts in front of sternum
Papillary carcinoma thyroid
7Tang et al. [26]201542M17 × 13 cm
Multiple cystic lesions in the chest beneath skin interlinked with the right thyroid lobe
Papillary thyroid microcarcinoma
8Stumpf et al. [22]201754F20 × 9 cm
Large, firm, regular mass in pre-sternal region
* H/o partial thyroidectomy 13 years ago.
Colloid goiter
9Bains L et al201960F15 × 8 cmPapillary carcinoma thyroid recurrence