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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of all patients informed with MFV-PTC metastatic to bone

From: Macrofollicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma with metastasis to femur

Author (Ref.)No. of casesAge/GenderAverage tumor size (cm)Bones involvedTreatmentOutcome
Cardenas et al. [6]159/W3.0Ribs, vertebrae T12, L5 sacrum, righ ischium, and left femoral neck.RAI 206 mCi of 131IAlive with minimal residual disease.
 281/M12.0Scapular right.RAI 206 mCi of 131IDied 6 years later with disease.
Candanedo et al. (Present case) [9]133/M8.2Femur diaphysis, epiphysis and sternum handleRAI 200 mCi of 131I and radiotherapy 40 Gy in 10 fractionsAlive 10 months with residual disease
  1. Ref References; W Women; M Man; RAI Radioactive Iodine; Gy Gray