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Table 2 Observational studies on maternal thyroid function in early pregnancy and outcome of birth defects

From: Antithyroid drugs and birth defects

Author Year Country Sample Exposed (n)a Thyroid function tests Assays Reference range Associationb
Momotani et al. [10] 1984 Japan Clinical 167 Free T4 indexc Not specified Not specified Yes
Yoshihara et al. [13] 2012 Japan Clinical Not specified Free T4 Lumipulse, Fuji Rebio or
ECLusys, Roche Diagnostics
Trimester No
Gianetti et al. [19] 2015 Italy Clinical 55 Free T4, free T3 and TSH FT4 kit and FT3 kit, Technogenetics
Delfia hTSH, Pharmacia
Not specified No
Andersen et al. [16] 2019 Denmark Biobank 951 Free T4 and TSH Dimension Vista, Siemens Healthineers Pregnancy week No
Andersen et al. [16] 2019 Denmark Biobank 2183 Free T4 and TSH Advia Centaur XP, Siemens Healthineers Pregnancy week No
  1. aNumber of children exposed to abnormal maternal thyroid function in the early pregnancy
  2. bIndicates whether an association between abnormal maternal thyroid function and birth defects was observed, see text for details
  3. cIn some cases the total T4, T3 and/or PBI concentration was measured