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Table 2 Thyroid function test parameters as measured by different immunoassays (Elecsys and Architect)

From: Falsely diagnosed thyrotoxicosis caused by anti-streptavidin antibodies and pre-wash procedures

  Elecsys Architect
Cobas8000 e602 (with pre-wash) Cobas e411(without pre-wash)
 TSH, μIU/mL 4.36 (RR: 0.50–5.00) 4.77 (RR: 0.50–5.00) 8.57 (RR: 0.35–4.94)
 FT4, ng/dL 2.15 (RR: 0.90–1.70) 1.31 (RR: 0.90–1.70) 0.86 (RR: 0.70–1.48)
 FT3, pg/mL 4.27 (RR: 2.3–4.0) 3.66 (RR: 2.3–4.0) 2.44 (RR: 1.71–3.71)
  1. Cobas8000 e602, which is performed with pre-washing, resulted in almost the same level of TSH and with higher FT4 and FT3 values compared to Cobas e411, which is not performed with pre-wash. Architect provided the highest TSH level and lowest FT4 and FT3 values among the three instruments