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Table 1 Types of thyroid hormones transporters and their iodothyronine derivates [16]

From: Hypothyroidism and brain developmental players

Transporter a Iodothyronine derivates Specificity b
MCT8 T3, T4, rT3, T2 +++
MCT10 T3, T4 ++
OATP1A1 T3, T4, rT3, T2, T4S, T3S, rT3S, T2S +
OATP1A2 T4, T3, rT3
OATP1A3 T4, T3
OATP1B1 T4, T3, T3S, T4S, rT3S
OATP1B2 T3, T4
OATP1B3 rT3, T4S, T3S, rT3S
OATP1C1 T4, rT3, T3, T4S ++
OATP2B1 T4 +
OATP3A1 (V1/V2) ++
OATP4A1 T3, T4, rT3 +
OATP4C1 T3, T4
LAT1 T3, T4, rT3, T2
NTCP T4, T3, T4S, T3S ++
  1. aThe human protein symbol is presented, if TH transport has been demonstrated in different species including humans. bIf a transporter only transports iodothyronine derivatives, specificity is high (+++). If fewer than five other ligands are known, specificity is moderate (++). If more than five ligands are known, the transporter is denoted as multispecific (+).