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Table 1 Observational studies on the association between the dose of Methimazole used in early pregnancy and outcome of birth defects

From: Antithyroid drugs and birth defects

Author Year Country Data source Exposed (n)a Dose definition Associationb
Momotani et al. [10] 1984 Japan Medical records 243 Cumulative dose (range: 10–1680 mg)
Daily dose (categories: 5, 10, 15, 20, and ≥ 30 mg)
Yoshihara et al. [13] 2012 Japan Medical records 1231 Daily dose (mean: 5 mg/day, standard deviation: 8.1 mg) No
Seo et al. [14] 2018 Korea Nationwide registers 1120 Cumulative dose (categories: 1–126, 127–260, 261–495, and > 495 mg) Yes
  1. aNumber of children exposed to maternal use of Methimazole in the early pregnancy
  2. bIndicates whether a dose-dependent association between Methimazole and birth defects was observed, see text for details