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  1. The one-day ETA-CRN meeting, preceding the ETA meeting in Lisbon, was planned in advance to provide a thorough assessment of the European response to the published American Thyroid Association MTC guidelines. ...

    Authors: Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen and Folke Soderstrom
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6(Suppl 1):S12

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 6 Supplement 1

  2. The main subjects of discussion, held online within the ETA-CRN board invited 16 expert-panelists are shown. The ad hoc emerged ETA-CRN panel of experts (EPE) first congratulated Professor Kloos and the ATA Ta...

    Authors: Barbara Jarząb, Aleksandra Król, Kornelia Hasse-Lazar and Beata Jurecka-Lubieniecka
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6(Suppl 1):S11

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 6 Supplement 1

  3. Authors summarize in this brief review results of European discussion, held on ETA-CRN Meeting in Lisbon, 2009, on the American Thyroid Association Medullary Thyroid Cancer (MTC) Guidelines published in the sa...

    Authors: Barbara Jarzab, Sylwia Szpak-Ulczok, Jan Wloch, Agnieszka Czarniecka and Jolanta Krajewska
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6(Suppl 1):S9

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 6 Supplement 1

  4. In the 9th ETA-CRN Meeting (September 2009, Lisbon) some recommendations from the American Thyroid Association (ATA) guidelines for the management of medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) were discussed by an European P...

    Authors: Laura Fugazzola, Simone De Leo and Michela Perrino
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6(Suppl 1):S8

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 6 Supplement 1

  5. The European Group generally agrees with the American guidelines on the issue of the indications for additional surgery in patients with recurrence of medullary thyroid cancer. The discussions have been focuse...

    Authors: Michele N Minuto and Paolo Miccoli
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6(Suppl 1):S5

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 6 Supplement 1

  6. Calcitonin (Ct) is a tumour marker essential for the diagnosis and follow-up of medullary thyroid cancer (MTC). Accurate and consistent measurements of serum Ct are of critical importance. Ct measurements by d...

    Authors: Chantal Daumerie, Dominique Maiter and Damien Gruson
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6(Suppl 1):S4

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 6 Supplement 1

  7. Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) metastasizes very early lymphogeneously. It has been shown that the presence of lymph node metastases is associated with a worse outcome. Postoperative biochemical cure, i.e. ...

    Authors: Oliver Gimm
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6(Suppl 1):S3

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 6 Supplement 1

  8. One of the most discussed and controversial issue in the management of thyroid nodules is the need to perform a routine measurement of serum Calcitonin (Ct) in all cases. The American Thyroid Association guide...

    Authors: Rossella Elisei and Cristina Romei
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6(Suppl 1):S2

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 6 Supplement 1

  9. Guest Editors of Thyroid Research supplement devoted to medullary thyroid cancer present the history on how the discussion about “Medullary Thyroid Cancer: management guidelines of the American Thyroid Associatio...

    Authors: Barbara Jarzab and Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6(Suppl 1):S1

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 6 Supplement 1

  10. Managing thyroid dysfunction is simple at first glance, the idea is to bring hormone levels in the euthyroid range, treat with antithyroid drugs, radio-iodine or surgery if toxic and replace with thyroxine or ...

    Authors: Durr e Sabih and Mohammad Inayatullah
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6:2
  11. The article presents a case of 57-year-old woman with the infiltration of rare small lymphocytic B cell lymphoma in the thyroid gland. Initially, the patient was followed-up due to chronic lymphocytic B-cell l...

    Authors: Elżbieta Andrysiak-Mamos, Rafał Becht, Elżbieta Sowińska-Przepiera, Jakub Pobłocki, Justyna Syrenicz, Barbara Zdziarska, Katarzyna Karpińska-Kaczmarczyk and Anhelli Syrenicz
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2013 6:1
  12. Recent findings in the past two decades have brought many insights into the biology of thyroid benign and malignant lesions, in particular the papillary and follicular thyroid cancers. Although, much progress ...

    Authors: Bartosz Pula, Pawel Domoslawski, Marzena Podhorska-Okolow and Piotr Dziegiel
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:26
  13. The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) lies in close proximity to the free radical-producing electron transport chain, thus, it is highly prone to oxidative damage. Oxyphilic type of follicular thyroid carcinoma consis...

    Authors: Małgorzata Karbownik-Lewińska, Jan Stępniak and Andrzej Lewiński
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:24
  14. In 1997 a currently obligatory model of iodine prophylaxis, based on mandatory iodization of household salt with 30 mg KI/kg, was introduced. The aim of our study was to assess the iodine intake among school-a...

    Authors: Arkadiusz Zygmunt, Zbigniew Adamczewski, Katarzyna Wojciechowska-Durczyńska, Anna Cyniak-Magierska, Kinga Krawczyk-Rusiecka, Agnieszka Zygmunt, Małgorzata Karbownik-Lewińska and Andrzej Lewiński
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:23
  15. The risk of neoplastic transformation in patients with chronic thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – HT) is slightly increased. Genetic background of this observation is still unclear. PI3K isoforms are linke...

    Authors: Katarzyna Wojciechowska-Durczynska, Kinga Krawczyk-Rusiecka, Anna Cyniak-Magierska, Arkadiusz Zygmunt, Stanisław Sporny and Andrzej Lewinski
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:22
  16. Nowadays, the increasing number of oncologic patients with liver or pancreatic tumours are subjected to surgical treatment, as it can provide a long-term survival or sometimes cure. As a result, numerous new c...

    Authors: Katarzyna Wojciechowska-Durczynska, Arkadiusz Zygmunt, Adam Durczynski, Janusz Strzelczyk and Andrzej Lewinski
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:21
  17. The so called “big-big” prolactin (Prl), also known as macroprolactin is formed by Prl-immunoglobulin (Prl-IgG) complexes and may cause elevation of serum Prl concentrations measured by standard assays, potent...

    Authors: Krzysztof C Lewandowski, Danuta Gąsior-Perczak, Aldona Kowalska and Andrzej Lewiński
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:20
  18. Dendritic cells (DCs) play a major role as regulators of inflammatory events associated with thyroid pathology. The immunoregulatory function of DCs depends strongly on their subtype, as well as maturation and...

    Authors: Mariusz Stasiołek, Zbigniew Adamczewski, Bartosz Puła, Kinga Krawczyk-Rusiecka, Arkadiusz Zygmunt, Magdalena Borowiecka, Piotr Dzięgiel and Andrzej Lewiński
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:18
  19. The endocrine system and particular endocrine organs, including the thyroid, undergo important functional changes during aging. The prevalence of thyroid disorders increases with age and numerous morphological...

    Authors: Adam Gesing, Andrzej Lewiński and Małgorzata Karbownik-Lewińska
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:16
  20. Sclerostin, a product of a SOST gene, is a protein expressed by osteocytes that inhibits osteoblastic bone formation. Several hormones, including PTH and glucocorticosteroids, have been suggested to be possible r...

    Authors: Elżbieta Skowrońska-Jóźwiak, Kinga Krawczyk-Rusiecka, Krzysztof C Lewandowski, Zbigniew Adamczewski and Andrzej Lewiński
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:14
  21. Recent attention has been given to subclinical hypothyroidism, defined as an elevation of TSH (4.5-10 uIU/L) with T4 and T3 levels still within the normal range. Controversy exists about the proper lower limit...

    Authors: Kimberly N Walter, Elizabeth J Corwin, Jan Ulbrecht, Laurence M Demers, Jeanette M Bennett, Courtney A Whetzel and Laura Cousino Klein
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:13
  22. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), together with their tissue inhibitors (TIMPs), remodel extracellular matrix under physiological and pathological conditions and are implicated in pathogenesis of cardiovascula...

    Authors: A Lewiński, A Brona, KC Lewandowski, E Skowrońska-Jóźwiak and A Milewicz
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:12
  23. A 59-year old female patient presented with apathy and 6 kg weight gain. Investigations revealed severe primary hypothyroidism (TSH>100 μIU/ml). L-thyroxine (L-T4) was started and titrated up to 75 μg, once daily...

    Authors: Krzysztof C Lewandowski, Katarzyna Dąbrowska and Andrzej Lewiński
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:11
  24. Considerable progress was made by the introduction of interferon to the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection. This treatment, however, is associated with the risk of developing or exacerbating auto...

    Authors: Janina Krupińska, Waldemar Urbanowicz, Mariusz Kaczmarczyk, Grzegorz Kulig, Elżbieta Sowińska-Przepiera, Elżbieta Andrysiak-Mamos and Anhelli Syrenicz
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:10
  25. Thyroidectomy is a common surgical procedure, after which drains are placed routinely. This study aims to assess the benefits of placing postoperative drains, its complications and affects on postoperative sta...

    Authors: Zahid Ali Memon, Gulrayz Ahmed, Sarah Rafi Khan, Mahvesh Khalid and Naheed Sultan
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:9
  26. Altered somatotrophic signaling is among the most important potential mechanisms of extended longevity. Ames dwarf (df/df) mice are homozygous for mutation at the Prop-1 gene, leading to a lack of growth hormo...

    Authors: Adam Gesing, Andrzej Bartke, Michal M Masternak, Andrzej Lewiński and Małgorzata Karbownik-Lewińska
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:7
  27. Thyroid storm is an endocrinological emergency caused by an exacerbation of the hyperthyroid state and is characterized by multi organ dysfunction. Liver dysfunction or injury predominantly of a cholestatic ty...

    Authors: Davis Kibirige, Daniel Sekikubo Kiggundu, Richard Sanya and Edrisa Mutebi
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:6
  28. Anterior mediastinal masses are a rare but well documented finding in Graves disease. The vast majority of these lesions represents benign thymic hypertrophy and regress after treatment of the hyperthyroidism....

    Authors: Jonathan D Boyd and Ridas Juskevicius
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:5
  29. Ophthalmopathy is a common manifestation of Graves’ disease (GD) occurring in up to 50% of patients. Mild eye signs are also common in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Whilst a genetic predisposition to ...

    Authors: Melissa Ardley, Thomas McCorquodale, Hooshang Lahooti, Bernard Champion and Jack R Wall
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:4
  30. Thyroglobulin is a large protein present in all vertebrates. It is synthesized in the thyrocytes and exported to lumen of the thyroid follicle, where its tyrosine residues are iodinated . The iodinated thyrogl...

    Authors: Abdelaziz Belkadi, Caroline Jacques, Frédérique Savagner and Yves Malthièry
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:3
  31. Similar to other systems, the endocrine system is affected by aging. Thyroid hormone, the action of which is affected by many factors, has been shown to be associated with longevity. The most useful marker for...

    Authors: Satoru Suzuki, Shin-ichi Nishio, Teiji Takeda and Mitsuhisa Komatsu
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2012 5:1
  32. We report two patients with anorexia nervosa and Graves' disease who received subtotal thyroidectomy for Graves' disease and concomitantly experienced remission from anorexia nervosa. Both were young women (ag...

    Authors: Hitoshi Noguchi, Tsukasa Murakami, Shinya Uchino, Hiroto Yamashita and Shiro Noguchi
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2011 4:17
  33. In recent few years is underlined that altered balance of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines play an important role in the pathogenesis of AITD.

    Authors: Artur Bossowski, Jerzy Harasymczuk, Anna Moniuszko, Anna Bossowska, Maciej Hilczer and Karol Ratomski
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2011 4:13
  34. Constitutively activating germline mutations in the thyrotropin receptor (TSHR) gene result in non-autoimmune hyperthyroidism and can be transmitted as a dominant trait or occur sporadically. These mutations a...

    Authors: Heike Biebermann, Franziska Winkler, Daniela Handke, Annette Grüters, Heiko Krude and Gunnar Kleinau
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2011 4(Suppl 1):S8

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 4 Supplement 1

  35. Thyroid hormone (TH) is essential for normal development, growth and metabolism. Its effects were thought to be principally mediated through triiodothyronine (T3), acting as a ligand for the nuclear TH recepto...

    Authors: Lars C Moeller and Martina Broecker-Preuss
    Citation: Thyroid Research 2011 4(Suppl 1):S6

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 4 Supplement 1

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