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Thyroid Research’s 15th Anniversary

Celebrating 15 success years of Thyroid Research

In the last 15 years, thyroid knowledge has evolved significantly. Management of thyroid cancers has dramatically changed with the increasing use of active surveillance in small thyroid tumors, the more tailored use of radioactive iodine treatment, and the development of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in the treatment of advanced thyroid cancers. The better understanding of the mechanisms involved in thyroid dysfunction and the identification of genetic basis for different thyroid disorders has not only improved the preoperative management of thyroid nodules but also that of advanced thyroid cancers, with the use of targeted compounds based on molecular genetic findings. Monoclonal antibody drugs have been developed for thyroid eye disease, marking a paradigm shift in the treatment of this disease, and studies are in progress for new treatments for Graves’ disease. The impact of thyroid dysfunction on fertility and pregnancy outcomes is now well reported; however, management of different thyroid disorders in women planning pregnancy or pregnant women remains a largely debated topic.

Thyroid Research has covered all these topics in its 15 years of life, playing an important role in advancing the frontiers of thyroid knowledge and promoting its dissemination. In these 15 years, Thyroid Research has published more than 350 papers, with some of them being cited more than 150 times (1,2) and downloaded more than 85,000 times (1,3,4).

We would like to thank everyone who helped to achieve the goals of Thyroid Research: Associate Editors, Editorial Board members, Reviewers, all the researchers who chose our Journal for their papers, BioMed Central, Springer Nature, and all our readers. Even though we celebrate Thyroid Research’s first 15 years of life and its first impact factor this year, we recognize that our journey has only just begun. Our attention is already directed on our future goals: in particular, improving impact factor and other journal metrics, which will make Thyroid Research one of the favorite journals for thyroidologists and endocrinologists around the World.


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Thyroid Research’s 15th anniversary collection of most influential articles

Assessment of Japanese iodine intake based on seaweed consumption in Japan: A literature-based analysis
Zava, Theodore T; Zava, David T

Iodine intake as a risk factor for thyroid cancer: a comprehensive review of animal and human studies
Zimmermann, Michael B.; Galetti, Valeria

Role of the T and B lymphocytes in pathogenesis of autoimmune thyroid diseases
Rydzewska, Marta; Jaromin, Michał; Pasierowska, Izabela Elżbieta; Stożek, Karlina; Bossowski, Artur

Primary and secondary thyroid hormone transporters
Kinne, Anita; Schülein, Ralf; Krause, Gerd

The mechanisms of atrial fibrillation in hyperthyroidism
Bielecka-Dabrowa, Agata; Mikhailidis, Dimitri P; Rysz, Jacek; Banach, Maciej

The thyroid gland and the process of aging; what is new?
Gesing, Adam; Lewiński, Andrzej; Karbownik-Lewińska, Małgorzata

The influence of thyroid dysfunction on bone metabolism
Tuchendler, Dominika; Bolanowski, Marek

Spectrum of lithium induced thyroid abnormalities: a current perspective
Kibirige, Davis; Luzinda, Kenneth; Ssekitoleko, Richard

Transcriptional regulation by nonclassical action of thyroid hormone
Moeller, Lars C; Broecker-Preuss, Martina

A solitary hyperfunctioning thyroid nodule harboring thyroid carcinoma: review of the literature
Sasan Mirfakhraee, Dana Mathews, Lan Peng, Stacey Woodruff, Jeffrey M Zigman

Hashimoto thyroiditis is more frequent than expected when diagnosed by cytology which uncovers a pre-clinical state
Staii, Anca; Mirocha, Sarah; Todorova-Koteva, Kristina; Glinberg, Simone; Jaume, Juan C

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